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Technology has relieved the human shoulders off the intense workload. It became quite evident to me that every business would have to rush to get their hands on the latest of technology and automate their work process.

Human resources are often prone to errors and a lag in efficiency when it comes to speed as compared to AI empowered bots or as they are referred to – ‘Virtual workforce’.

Even if you trust your human workforce, I say, why not let the bots do the surplus tasks while you can indulge human power to more productive tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPI) is the latest innovation developed as a result of under intelligent automation.

RPI is in no way limited to automation of routine task such as data analysis but it empowers the robots to be an active workforce and accomplish the repetitive tasks that required human attention and diligence.

All it takes is a careful and optimized introduction of the bots as a workforce unit in the business, and I can assure that results come visible in the form of higher efficiency and a higher ROI.

My experience in incorporating RPI for businesses includes inculcating a number of automated technologies. These robots can handle any repetitive human work load that does not require intuition and can do it to perfection.

A numerous instances from my career have brought the brilliance of RPI to me. Cognizant, for instance, allowed a multinational global healthcare agency to save $1,800,000 in labor by incorporating RPI in their business workforce.

Here are a few latest RPI products which can automate your business firm’s workflow and render a higher ROI:-

Another Monday: – Another Monday is one of the latest additions to the RPI products league. Its features such as drag and drop configuration of workflow, quick scaling makes it the most popular automation tools of the present times.

  • Linx: – Linx is one such product of the automation technologies and the RPI which allows for developing and deployment of the processes and tasks. It is a no-code platform. It forms smooth integrations with SAAS tools which makes it even more efficient.
  • Automai RPA: – You can easily reduce the time loss, boost the workflow efficiency and ultimately generate a higher ROI using this tool as a workforce.

It is completely code-less which impresses me the most as it provides for its use without any specific training to the employees. Lower implementation costs make up for kits popularity with small scale businesses and start-up who wish to automate their work process.

It is hence not a matter of doubt that your business deserves the aid of automation and RPI to improvise the work processes. I, Thekkumpurath, can lend you the required expertise and ensure end to end inculcation of the virtual workforce as an inseparable and efficiency driving aspect of your business.

Robots can bring a smoother and faster workflow and yield a higher ROI; I can make the bots do it for you.

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