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It is every business’s dream to minimize workflow defects and to maximize efficiency. Throughout the years spent in the industry, I have come across organizational defects and internal workflow issues for which a solution was long sought for by people all over.

Six-Sigma is a data-driven technique that came up in the 1980s as a solution that lends CEO, administrators control over their business. It allows them to effectively handle, analyse and control your company’s workflow. Several case studies and instances in my career have proven the effectiveness of the Six Sigma program. The program does not only yield an enhanced workflow, but impressive cost cuts also come along as a perk.

In some cases which involved international brands, the Six Sigma program has been found to yield more than 2 000,000,000 (two billion)dollars of cost savings.

For instance, when we go out looking, we find out that several large enterprises and small businesses have benefited by implementing Six sigma elements in their work environment in one or another way Amazon, Wipro, Dell, and Ford Motor company just to name a few.

Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma

“Amazon” one of the renowned names in the corporate world is an immaculate example of Six sigma. Amazon.com, the America based multinational electronic commerce company was founded in 1994 in a garage in Seattle by Jeff Bezos. The company went online in 1995. Amazon has started as an online bookstore and went on to become one of the largest retailers in the world.

Six sigma elements were first introduced in Amazon work culture 1999 by Jeff Wilke who has joined as VP of operation in Amazon. With around 2000 orders placed in every min, the company can’t afford loops or errors. Thus, to improve the company’s processing and on time delivery speed, he came up with the concept of Operational Excellence that was distinct in 2 ways:-

To deliver constant improvement for better customer experience.

Secondly, to drive productivity, margin, efficiency and asset velocity in Whole Corporation.

They also implemented a common six sigma tactic of hiring with the agenda of best and brightest. The company offered training to its employees as Six Sigma black belt.


The ultimate outcome and impact of six sigma strategies prove to be implacable for the company: from 1640 $million in 1999 by the end of 2014 the company has gained 88,988 $million.

Though six sigmahas met some debate in recent times, I, by the virtue of its efficiency and success rate believe that Six Sigma is certainly and totally relevant in the present times too and there is should be no doubt about it. What matters is your approach towards Six Sigma implementation.

Here are a few changes that I can foster using the Six Sigma methodologies for your firm:

Organized workflow

Low work cycle cost

Lean Six Sigma

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