Disruptive Innovation

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If you are a businessman, Design thinking is a term that you must be acquainted with. There is talk about it everywhere you go. Yet it is a personal observation that only a few people comprehend the technique and methodology in it s true sense.

Design thinking concentrates on the finding compatible and creative solutions to business problems while keeping things simple. It is an approach that insists on dealing with complex problems with simple solutions.


A five stage approach that makes design thinking methodology could be discussed as such:-

  • Empathize: – Design thinking works with a human centered approach to the problems. It is, hence, necessary to understand the situation of the people or the staff in problem and to understand the reasons and repercussions in an empathetic way. Data and any information regarding the problem are collected to observe and understand.
  • Defining the situation: – This includes assessing the data collected in the first stage and further progress is made by beginning with asking the right questions.
  • Goals: – Analyze the core problem in a human centered way. Recognize the other surrounding issues. Start acting on solving one issue at a time.
  • Idea and alternative point of view:- I have realized it as a fact that a point of view change changes can certainly bring new solutions and ideas into light
  • Try crafted solutions and prototypes: – Ideas often generate theoretic solutions and prototypes. Experiment with them and see if you win or shift POV all over.

It has been proven over and over in a career that design thinking has a considerable impact on the business and organization. Design thinking cultivates a risk taker attitude, inculcated a better co-operation between different departments.

I have achieved a higher efficiency and better future for several business firms using the design thinking methodology in the past and keep looking to do so in the future too.

Disruptive Innovation

Clayton Christensen developed coined the term ‘Disruptive innovation’ which is still a muddle for many. I come across a large number of people and companies talking about disruptive innovation and even claiming to be the practitioners of the business methodology. And as I see it, their claims are only partially true for most of them have a confused understanding of the term.

Disruptive innovation is a method of business when a startup or business targets the customers and need which are often ignored and unserved by the already established businesses.

A disruptive innovation business starts from the bottom by targeting unserved consumers and then later moves on to grab the main stream market.

The experiments of developing self-driving cars by Google, and plans to deliver and hip products via drone from Amazon are examples of disruptive methodologies that might take over the sustainable business in the future.

A lot of companies panic due to this and try to tackle the problem by investing more in their sustainable business or by frantically opting for the disruptive methodologies. I have seen a majority of such efforts by companies go in vain and even pose a loss in ROI.

I have learned that disruptive innovation needs to be implemented cleanly by keeping it separate from the already up and running sustainable business set up.

If you are a business startup looking to make it big and to eventually take over your established competitors, I can make disruptive innovation your weapon for the cause.

The established business specifically needs to be implementing to secure its niche and growth in the market. For them, disruptive innovation is a change that has to be brought about with operational finesse.

Thekkumpurath can be the perfect guide and disruptive innovation operational expert to make the methodology work its brilliance for you.

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