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Possibilities for business have changed to the very last bit and I have been a direct observer of the change over the years. Digitalization of the world has shifted the marketing and working ways of businesses rapidly and intensely.

I have seen even the staunchest of organization bend and have to accept the change and the digital world. Regardless of the readiness of businesses today for the change, the success of digital transformation depends solely on the implementation and execution of the process.


Digital technologies have transformed every niche of businesses and a few of the leading, and a few of the popular and primary sought for technologies for digital transformation are as such:-

  • Deep learning: – I believe and support the fact that deep learning by AI and machine learning are the power that can allow for a digital transformation for your firm.
  • Quantum computing: – Manual stress and workload is relieved off by the virtue of quantum computing, and it is an agent of digital transformation like none other.
  • Augmented and mixed reality: – Different versions and aspects to see from certainly boost employee productivity which is a primary goal for your businesses’ digital transformation process.
  • Edge computing: – Over my years in the years, I have learnt that utilizing edge computing can turn your business work structure smarter and smoother in quick time.
  • Distributed ledger: – Distributed ledger empowers startups and small business to opt for advances and digital ways of work. Specific trust models for specific work issues are the ultimate transformation tool for any business.


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A few factors to be kept under consideration for a smooth digital transformation of your firm could be discussed as such:-

  • Senior management’s belief: – As a leader of the transformation process, I have realized that the senior management’s belief in the change and the process becomes the driving force of the transformation.
  • Secure investment: – A secure and calculated investment to foster in the change by the virtue of buying the technology and equipment.

Training and teaching: – Acquainting and teaching the staff about the new work process and technology is the ultimate requisite for digital transformation’s success.

Secure returns: – Returns on the initial investment and by the change in the working parameters has to be achieved for sustainable growth.

Expanding the transformation: – Once the initial investment is met with returns, further expansion of the change to a bigger level is then worked on.

This is where all my years where I have seen industries and business move from traditional to the digital world come in handy. I would love to be an asset and aid for your business’s digital transformation.

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