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A company’s data is no less than a treasure that deserves all the attention and security in the world. If there is one thing that I have learned as a businessman, it is that assessing your firm’s data and arriving on conclusions can lend open a world of opportunities.

Data driven intelligence is a technological realm that concentrates on optimizing the data analysis, assessment and handling. AI and machine learning have been changing the way businesses work. But it is none other than data science that intrigues me the most as technological advancement and need of the future.

Data science involves an automated analysis of the business data to extract insights and craft business strategy for the future. It involves a myriad of techniques and processes such as uncertainty modeling, data warehousing, data visualization and many more.

It is the data that allows your firm to keep track of your work and clients. The workflow, efficiency and ROI are reflected directly in your data but you always have to have an eye for it.


Here are a few of the implications and aids that I can lend you by the virtue of the data science or the data driven intelligence for your business firm:-

Data compiling and anlaysis: – Every business and the larger firms in particular store data at different places and with different sources such as cloud storages and traditional storages. Larger companies have data flowing through a myriad of streams which makes it complex for them. Data science and its product software allow you to align and connect all your data from different sources.

With a careful installation of the data driven intelligence in your business firm, I can guide you to assess your data, detect and discover underlying client relationships. Data driven intelligence can further allow you to make a prediction regarding your business strategies and investments.


Data interaction:- Interaction with your data has to be seamless in order to make the analysis and understanding of your companies workflow easier. Modern data intelligence softwares allow you to have an intuitive user interface for a deep digging in your data. Custom and optimized dashboards make life easier for users. 

Data transmission and communication: – Modern data driven intelligence can be used to communicate and handle your data with total flexibility. Share or present your data in a smooth fashion with your clients, partners or employees. Smart data driven solutions even allow you to embed the dashboard of your data intelligent software in your business application itself.

Over my extensive career and time working with the data intelligent technology, I have become adept in handling and implementing a wide variety of data science tools such as Hidora (Swiss cloud),  Numpy, Ggplot, Pandas, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OS Software – Linux, Big data – H2OSpark and many more.

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